So You Think You are Ready for Product Launch?


One of the most common mistakes in the area of #watertreatment technologies is the assumption that EQUIPMENT = PRODUCT

A PRODUCT is much more than equipment. To sell your technology to a point of #businessviability, we have to look at all the pieces. It doesn’t matter that you have multiple patents on your highly engineered technology. No one will care that your engineering department geeks out on the features to the point of it keeping them up at night. And believe me when I say that it matters to you and your team ONLY that you have tons of data proving your equipment is awesome.

That’s right. I said it. None of these things matter.

None of these things matter without a true, #marketableproduct. Because all of the things mentioned above are about YOU. What about the #targetmarket? What about your customers?

True #productdevelopment is often overlooked in engineering based companies. Besides the physical product/service- we must consider function, appearance, packaging, service/support, and warranty, just to name a few. And we can’t forget #productdifferentiation.

Developing a marketable product takes research, strategy and creative thinking. Design and prototype completion may feel like a big win, but in my opinion, it’s only the 13 mile marker of the #productlaunch marathon.

Originally posted Jan 10, 2019 on Linkedin


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