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We help manufacturers, industrial supply and services-based businesses reach next level growth through strategic marketing

"Our brand identity hadn't been updated since we incorporated. Tanya helped us develop a mission statement and core values that really communicate who GSM is today, and provided us with a modern website that reflects the markets we serve".
Scott Cooper
President of GSM Filtration

Differentiate with a Unique Value Proposition

Many technical and engineering based businesses struggle to clearly define WHAT benefits they provide for WHO and HOW they do it uniquely- and ultimately communicating the WHY others should do business with them instead of their competition.

A unique value proposition is a concise message that clearly communicates the sum of the experience your company delivers, so that your target customers see real, recognizable value and less resources are spent trying to force a product where it isn’t a fit. 

ELevate products into solutions

Does your engineered product have the potential to provide your customers with so much more value? What your R&D team values is often worlds apart from what your customer values.  We can help you elevate your product into a complete solution that your customer can’t live without. In a global market full of commoditized products, the ability to deliver a complete customer experience is what creates a true market leader.

"In planning for our new website, we knew we needed better content that reflected our company's strengths from our customers' perspective. Starting with a brand audit, Tanya delivered an insightful message that communicates more than the products we offer- but also our strong culture of customer service. I couldn't have said it better myself."
Steve wardell
President of Clean Waters

get into the mind of your target customer

An underdeveloped understanding of your target customer is like throwing darts blindfolded. While you may hit the target on occasion, you are wasting precious time and energy that you could be using to wow your customers and build brand loyalty.

Success lies within the ability to speak the proverbial dialect your customer speaks.  Buying decisions go far beyond the stakes at the table and basic functional values like economics and performance. 

Are you ready to partner with someone who can help you get into the mind of your target customer and finally get those big hairy audacious goals within arms reach?

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why watermark?

Proven track record

A successful career in sales excellence, product development and strategic marketing serving the water treatment markets.

Experienced in manufacturing

Over 17 years of valuable knowledge in equipment manufacturing as well as services.

Pulse on the markets

Up-to-date with market trends, drivers and ever-changing regulations.

Highly responsive

With a strong "clients first" mentality, we are quick to respond and always accessible.

Unique technical creative

A scientist who likes to create and can speak both languages.

Results driven

Always ready to make it happen and create measurable results.

Are you ready to leave your mark?

Ever feel like your sales team is shooting arrows blindfolded?

Sure, you may hit the target from time to time, but wouldn't it be great to see your prospects excited to know that your product offers a real solution to their burning problem?

Strategic Marketing + Sales Excellence + Product Development
= Your Partner for Success

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